How to make window stickers?

Window stickers are available in only one material, which is: Transparent. If you want more inspiration or tips, we have them on window stickers.

Do you want to order window stickers? 

Don't know how - Here is step-by-step:

Guide hur man beställer fönsterdekaler
  • Choose the cut of the sticker, round, etc.
  • Size, you can choose between different sizes.
  • Choose the number of pieces
  • Material, click on the arrow next to special materials and there you'll find Clear/transparent.
  • Upload the image of the design.
  • Next step, you can add masked effect layers only when choosing transparent. This is done by uploading a file or writing instructions for your sticker's effect.
  • Choose between laminate, matte, or glossy sticker
  • In the message box, write "Window" and also any other requests you may have.
    Guide- hur man beställer
  • If you want to change the size or number of stickers, you don't have to go back, you can do it on the same page. Same in terms of cutting and materials 
  • If you want text on the sticker, you can both write and choose the color of the text style. Then you can choose where you want it to go and you do that by clicking on the text and dragging it.
  • Choose the design if you want to spice up the sticker even more.
  • Then click on Add to Cart and complete your purchase!


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