Questions about custom cutlines, editing cutlines, and uploading cutlines for your custom stickers

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Why are my stickers not contour cut?

To be able to create a contour cut, the sticker needs to have a solid white or transparent background. Backgrounds that are colored or textured like paper will not read as contour cut. If you cannot get your preview to be contour...

Can we make stickers without the white border?

Yes we can. You can choose a background color, or stretch your artwork to create a bleed, or include your own cutline on the artwork. Please include a 0.075" bleed for the cutline for our error margins. Make custom stickers

Is there a price difference for the different cut options?

No, all of our prices are based upon quantity, size, and material. There are no price differences for the different cuts or even including your own custom cut. Make custom stickers

Can you make the border around the stickers thinner?

We will make the border thickness proportion to the size of your stickers. We need about 0.075" of padding around the stickers for error margins for cutting your stickers.  If you have special requests about your borde...

Can I cut out areas within the stickers?

Yes, we can make almost all custom cutlines for your stickers. We can also cut away spaces within the sticker if you wish. You can include your own cutline in a PDF with your design and we can use that when we produce your s...

Can you make hang tag stickers?

Yes, we can make your stickers with an extra space and hole cutout to be used as hang tags. You can include this in your own cutline or write a comment when you place your order so we can help you out.  Make custom stickers

How do I make a transparent background on my artwork?

You can remove the background of your artwork in Photoshop or similar programs. If you do not have any programs to allow you to do this, you can email us your artwork and we can help you with it to a certain extent. Make custom s...

What if I am not happy with your generated cutlines?

If you do not like the way that the system cut your stickers in your instant proof or it left out some parts of the design out, we will be happy to help you out. You can write a comment of what you would like to change about the ...

Can my stickers have sharp corners?

Yes we can cut sharp corners if you would like. You can include your custom cutline in the PDF you upload when you make you stickers or you can write a comment and we can fix them for you. Make custom stickers