Get 12 exclusive stickers in a specially designed Monster Mascot Mash-Up Sticker Pack created by our pals over at G.A.R.M. Co.


What’s the deal?

Three artists, four designs each. These stickers come in all your favorite materials – holo, brushed alloy, mirror and transparent vinyl, with every design measuring 3.9” in height.

Meet the Artists

Meet the artists behind the Monster Mascot Mash-Up designs. These three talented fellas were carefully selected by G.A.R.M. Co., to interpret some monsters you all know and love – like Frankenstein’s Monster, The Creature and Phantom of the Opera.

Tim Baron

Motto? Skate. Go Create. This skateboarding illustrator meets artist has created both action figures, and designed skateboards for multiple brands.

Kendrick Kidd

This designer has oodles of experience from both advertising, and freelancing for major brands. He’s big fan of exploring new techniques to keep his work fresh.

Emir Ayouni

This illustrator meets brand designer is the founder of G.A.R.M. Co. and makes up one-third of global design franchise Forefathers Group.

Don’t miss out

Exclusive? You bet. This sticker pack is as limited edition as they come – be sure to grab yours while you can.