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Stick with Care, Slap with Passion.


We hope you think this pack slaps! Each sticker in this pack was created by different talented artists who love StickerApp. We had selected each sticker in this pack to ensure a variety of materials, design inspo, and 100% slapability..

Who’s behind the brush?

Meet the artists who created these stickers and learn their most slaptastic insights, tricks, and tips in sticker making.

Darren Shaddick closeup

Darren Shaddick

Meet our environmentally friendly, high quality sticker material. The best option for earthy, natural, or rustic looking stickers. Did you know that you can write on our Kraft paper material? Handwrite notes, labels, names or anything else.

Darren Shaddick closeup

Knicky Stickers

Say Hallo to Holo. This nostalgic colorful material screams y2k and beyond. One of our most popular materials that really makes your sticker pop lock and drop. Use gradients in the design for an extra colorful rainbow effect.

Dalkhafine closeup


Pixie dust, the multicolored fine grain glitter material that really makes your sticker look magical. Did you know that we can make Pixie Dust in white? Try it on the edge of your sticker for a more subtle snowy milky glittery appearance.

Darren Shaddick closeup

Rascal Collections

Our holographic material can help you create edgy or eye-catching stickers. If you want a holographic vibe without extreme shine, opt for a matte finish. This will still give your sticker a rainbowy effect but with a softer, smooth finish.

Darren Shaddick closeup

Tay Filrup Eliasen

Pink or purple? Pixie dust can be printed with any color! Add the pixie dust effect to different colors on your stickers for a unique effect. Need some color inspo? Order a sample pack to receive our color charts and start designing!

Darren Shaddick closeup

Porous Walker

Peel to reveal. Print white on our transparent material to create surprising stickers. Since transparent stickers come with a white back paper, you can create hidden messages that only are visible once the sticker is peeled. Try it out.

Darren Shaddick closeup


The funkiest material around, Prismatic. This reflective cubed material screams retro vibes and will make your sticker look ultra groovy. Put the Prismatic effect on selected parts of your artwork to highlight certain areas or give it a funky border.

Darren Shaddick closeup


Did you know that we can make stickers semi-transparent? Whether you want an opaque 100% see-thru sticker or slight transparency with a color, you can play around with different levels of opacity to give your stickers a unique dimension.

Darren Shaddick closeup

Byron Winton

This ultra reflective sticker material is perfect for creating shiny, metallic like stickers. Our mirror stickers standardly come in a silver color, but you can achieve any metallic colors like gold, copper, and bronze tones for a true metal vibes.


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