Clear Labels


Make your own clear custom labels. These are perfect for food labels, custom beer bottle labels, or for all packaging and branding needs.

Transparent labels on sheet

Our labels are printed on a clear film with an opaque full color print and sealed with a glossy laminate. Our labels are waterproof and can withstand the dishwasher, microwave, oils and refrigeration. Clear labels are delivered on sheets for the easiest removal and application.


  • Clear Stickers on a transparent sheet
  • Full-color print
  • Scratch-proof glossy laminate
  • Indoor use
  • Microwave/dishwasher safe
  • Delivered on sheets for easy application


Translucent Brilliance: Custom Clear Labels

Embrace the allure of transparency with our Custom Clear Labels, an open canvas for culinary artistry and brand storytelling. Perfect for food labels, bespoke beer bottle adornments, and a symphony of packaging dreams.

Clarity Redefined:

  • Craft your labels on a clear film, offering a window to your creations, crowned with an opaque full-color print.
  • Step into the realm of resilience – our labels are sealed with a glossy laminate, enduring the test of dishwasher, microwave, oils, and refrigeration.
  • Labels are delivered on sheets, a gesture of convenience, ensuring seamless removal and effortless application.
  • Each clear sticker rests upon a transparent sheet, allowing your design to take center stage.
  • Endure the trials of time with a scratch-proof glossy laminate, preserving your design's brilliance.
  • Tailored for indoor use, these labels become integral to your brand's charm.
  • From the kitchen to the table, our labels embrace every step – microwave and dishwasher safe.

Crystal-clear elegance meets functionality in Custom Clear Labels, where your story resonates with every peel.