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Learn more about how to make cutlines on your file that will soon be a sticker! 



  • What should I do if the editor doesn't recognize my cutline?

If your cutline isn't being recognized, simply include a note about it when you're ordering. Our team will manually intervene to make sure everything is aligned and cut just right. We're here to ensure your die-cut stickers look exactly as you envisioned.

  • Why does the size of my stickers change when I upload my file?

Our editor maintains the original proportions of your artwork to ensure design integrity. For instance, if your original image is 3x2", it can't be adjusted to 3x3" with the contour cut. To fit a new size, you may need to modify your original artwork or opt for our standard circle/square stickers.

  • Can I have cut out areas within my stickers?

Yes, you can! Custom cutlines, including internal cuts, are totally doable. Just add your cutline to your design file, typically a PDF, and let us know in the comments to use your specific cutline. This way, we won't confuse it as part of your artwork.

  • Why aren't my stickers contour cut?

Contour cuts require a solid white or transparent background. If your background is colored or textured, the editor won't read it as suitable for contour cutting. If you're having trouble, leave us a comment with your desired outcome, and we'll adjust it for you.

  • Can I include a custom cutline with my sticker?

Absolutely! You can create and include your own custom cutline. Remember to inform us in the comments when placing your order, and ensure there's a safety margin of 0.075” (2 mm) and a bleed of 0.075" (2 mm) if your artwork extends to the edge.

  • Creating Your Own Cutline: A Step-by-Step Guide
  1. Open your artwork in Adobe Illustrator.
  2. Create your path for the cutline.
  3. Make a new swatch named "die cut" with the spot color set to 100% magenta for the cutline.
  4. Save your file as a PDF or AI file.

You can also download an example file to get the swatch right or save it to your library for future designs. If you don't see your cutline in the upload preview, leave us a comment so we can make sure to use it.