Let the mischief begin

Prank Preparation Month

April fools is a tapestry of storytelling, seamlessly weaving elements of science fiction, architectural wonders, and slices of life from parallel universes.

How to prank...

This prank is fool proof! Well…for those committing the prank anyway.
See our prank instructions below!

1. Place your prank

2. Let shit unfold

3. Humor is key

4. Share the mischief


Choose your weapon

Place this on an item that a passerby may think is voice activated. 

Prank by placing this on something that could be clap activated!

Press on something you think you can fool everyone is motion activated! 


Feeling foolish?

Create your own prank stickers here in time for the big day! Pro tip: Use clear material and upload real photos of your item to make a sticker that looks like the real thing! 

Use Code: JOKER for 10% off Transparent!

Make stickers

Choose the cutline, size, quantity and material. Upload your design and go to our editor.