Make custom stickers

Why be plain when you can be royalty. Blank empty spaces? Bor-ing. Look at your laptop and what do you see… Oh, a perfect sticker sticking space? Your laptop can be a total 10. What are you waiting for? Design it, print it, stick it. Get started.

laptop sticker wearing a stickerapp crown

Create stickers and labels

We prepare each design before production. Got a request? Leave a comment in our editor.


Blah to holy mackerel. 

Don’t stop at your laptop. Slap stickers all over your walls, start a band and make band stickers, and try your luck at pissing off eagles. Many materials, much sticky. See what else is in store!

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A heavily stickered-up laptop who reinvented himself and now helps others do the same. He embraces the idea that beauty is only skin deep… and he doesn’t even have skin.

laptop sticker on a surfboard
shark jumping out from water


A great white shark who’s deeply uncomfortable with his whiteness but can’t help enacting many of the great white stereotypes such as biting surfboards in half and quietly wondering if Macklemore might be the greatest rapper ever.

blue wave crashing down

Tap into your creativity and make custom Stickers & Labels.

With our custom stickers and labels, you can transform any idea into a vibrant reality. Perfect for personalizing gifts, promoting your brand, or adding that special touch to your projects. Why settle for ordinary? Dive into endless possibilities and let your imagination run wild!


Dive into our Nakedguyeagleverse

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