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Artist of the Month: Ramone

September Thank you card at StickerApp by plastic.pen.

Thank you card December 2023 By Ramone

Meet the Artist

A glimpse into the creative
world of Al Pérez.

A StickerApp Interview by Nora 2023-11-15

Meet Illustrator and cartoonist Al Pérez aka @ramonesketch. With a flair for the 70’s and inspiration from the 80’s Ramone’s art gravitates towards retro styles and cartoon-inspired imagery. Ramone’s reimagined Santa sleigh on this month's Thank You Card is just the thing we needed to drive us into the 2023 holiday season.

StickerApp: How would you define your style?

Ramone: My style is somewhat varied. I have a more cartoon aspect and another aspect that is more of a dark fantasy art style from the 70s.

StickerApp: What's your favorite technique?

Ramone: My favorite technique is painting with an airbrush.



StickerApp: Who or what's your biggest inspiration?

Ramone: I am usually inspired by all the art I consumed during my childhood in the 80s.

StickerApp: How did it all start?

Ramone: Well, I don't really remember how it started... It was quite gradual. but I imagine that like almost everyone since I was little

StickerApp: Tips for those starting out?

Ramone: Work hard and draw a lot



StickerApp: What's your favorite app or program?

Ramone: Photoshop and procreate

StickerApp: Why do you use StickerApp?

Ramone: Because the finish of StickerApp is incredible, I started using it more than 6 years ago

StickerApp: What's your favorite material?

Ramone: My favorite was the holographic one but now I have a weakness for the classic transparent one.

StickerApp: How do you use stickers for your own business/personal brand?

Ramone: Well, I use them as sticker sets and sometimes as a complement to t-shirts.