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Artist of the Month: Stefan Große Halbuer

September Thank you card at StickerApp by plastic.pen.

Thank you card September 2023 By Stefan Große Halbuer

Meet the Artist

A glimpse into the creative
world of Stefan Große Halbuer.

A StickerApp Interview by Nora 2023-08-29

Meet Stefan Große Halbuer, an artist celebrated for their distinctive style, combining intricate outlines, bold colors, and captivating storytelling. Influenced by icons like Disney and Mike Mignola, they've evolved from a graphic designer to a full-time artist, offering invaluable advice for aspiring creators: prioritize passion and practice over innate talent.

StickerApp: How would you define your style?

Stefan: My style is based on very detailed outlines, originally influenced by comics and cartoons. Bold and gritty colors with much use of purple. And a focus on storytelling around science fiction, architecture and daily life in parallel universes.

StickerApp: What's your favorite technique?

Stefan: I work entirely digitally, from sketch to final artwork. My process is very structured: I start with a detailed concept/layout sketch, then move to clean outlines, and finally add colors and shading.

StickerApp: Who or what's your biggest inspiration?

Stefan: Everything around comics, from Disney to francobelgian ligne clarie artists like Hergé, up to Mike Mignola. I've never felt any interest in becoming an architect, but I love to study architectural visions like "Les Cités obscures" by François Schuiten and Benoît Peeters. In addition, I just take inspiration from strolling through cities and by observing my surroundings. Also, the internet and artist colleagues posting their work never fail to deliver visual input!

StickerApp: How did it all start?

Stefan: I always felt attached to drawing, as a kid I loved taking references from Carl Bark's Uncle Scrooge as well as models of cars and planes. I stuck with me, while becoming a Media Designer and later studying Design. In the first years of freelancing, I mostly worked as a graphic designer and then followed the bigger passion by switching over to being a full time artist and illustrator step by step.

StickerApp: Tips for those starting out?

Stefan: Certainly! Don't believe in talent, believe in passion and practice. Some people call me talented, but you should see the stuff I made in my first drawing classes at uni! Experiment a lot and allow yourself to fail even more. Don't be shy to put your work out there, it needs time and persistence. Instead, connect with other beginner artists, give each other's honest critiques and inspiration. Additionally, look for pro artists to give you personal advice within a mentorship.

Plastic pen Thank you card at StickerApp.


StickerApp: What's your favorite app or program?

Stefan: "I use Procreate, Clip Studio Paint, and Photoshop for different aspects of my work. For animations, I prefer After Effects.

StickerApp: Why do you use StickerApp?

Stefan: "Because it's nice people making the best stickers! I care about details, and the production quality is always fantastic.

StickerApp: What's your favorite material?

Stefan: I'm a big fan of the holographic material! It complements my bold color choices and adds an eye-catching element to my stickers.

StickerApp: How do you use stickers for your own business/personal brand?

Stefan: Apart from selling them in my shop, stickers are great giveaways. When I meet clients, other artists or people on conferences, giving out a sticker always puts a happy smile on their faces.