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Artist of the Month: Olaf Hänsel

Olafs colorful thank you card for May 2024

Thank you card May 2024: Knusperlaf

Meet the Artist

A glimpse into the creative
world of Olaf Hänsel.

A StickerApp Interview Written by Nora 2024-04-10

I’m an illustrator, comic fanatic and sticker enthusiast from Hamburg, Germany. I love to draw and create funny, freaky, quirky characters. And I hope you like them as much as I do!

StickerApp: How would you define your style?

Olaf: Cartoony and fun. Sometimes with a twist.

StickerApp: What's your favorite technique?

Olaf: I use pencils for the sketches and then work on the final drawing with fine liner or ink pens. Sometimes I color it with marker or colored pencils but most of the time I scan it in and color it digitally.

Vinyl Skull Boy

Skating Beaver in Vinyl

StickerApp: Who or what's your biggest inspiration?

Olaf: Mostly the work of other artists and there are a lot I admire. I fell in love with comic art very early on. But there’s so much more to be inspired by: music, movies, pop culture, a walk thru the city, nature - you name it. And it helps that I have a vivid imagination I think.

StickerApp: How did it all start?

Olaf: I did my first drawings at around age 4. And I never stopped. I think I never will.

StickerApp: Do you have a tip for those who are starting out?

Olaf: I guess the most common answer would be: draw as much as you can. Don’t sell yourself short. You’re better than you think you are. Educate yourself on materials, techniques and art/design/illustration in general. Think outside the box - be open minded.

Vinyl Martian

Holographic 8Ball Driver

StickerApp: What's your favorite app or program?

Olaf: Mostly Photoshop for colors and corrections. .

StickerApp: Why do you use StickerApp?

Olaf: I really love all the different materials and effects that are possible! Still have to work more with that! And the quality of the final product and the support and service is just great! You can tell they really care about their product!

StickerApp: What's your favorite material?

Olaf: I love it when a character seems to be directly on the surface you put it on with the "transparent“ material. A lot of potential for great ideas right there. I also tend to use "glitter“ and "holographic“ a lot. But I love all the materials although I haven’t used them all to the full potential yet. I really want to do something fun with ”pixie dust“ next!

Vinyl Pickle

Holographic Pigeon

StickerApp: How do you use stickers for your own business/personal brand?

Olaf: I use them as giveaways, sometimes as a bonus when someone buys an original artwork or I sell some at my exhibitions. And I use them myself of course - to stick them somewhere fun!