Neon Pink Ink

Want your stickers to have a fluorescent neon look? Glow up with Pink Ink!


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We know our regular white printing and CMYK color printing is pretty swell, but our new neon Pink Ink might just knock your socks off. What’s the difference between Pink Ink and just printing in pink CMYK? Printing in Pink Ink will give your sticker a bright neon hue, and will actually glow neon under UV light. 

See for yourself by klicking or hovering over the images below!

Stickers with fluorescent neon look? Glow up with Pink Ink! - StickerApp

Neon Pink Ink stickers - StickerApp

Wanna give it a go?
Leave a comment on your order, letting us know which parts of your sticker should be in Pink Ink.

So what's the scoop on Pink Ink?

  • It’s a fluorescent color that can be printed on all of our materials (except wall and floor stickers)
  • The Pink Ink will literally glow under UV Light / blacklights
  • It’s a flat color so if you have detailed designs with shadows, nuances won’t show on the parts you choose to be neon pink


Make it glow under UV lights

Stickers with Pink Ink are not UV resistant. Pink Ink stickers will have a different laminate that is not as UV resistant as our normal laminate (this is so you can still get that awesome sauce glowing effect under UV light). 

The sticker will still be super durable and will last a while, but it is not guaranteed to be as vibrant or long-lasting when exposed to outdoor elements. 

If you want your stickers protected with our UV-proof laminate so they have a longer lifetime, leave us a comment in your order. But heads up, the UV-proof laminate will eliminate the glowing effect under UV light.


Why do we love Neon Pink Ink stickers?

UV ink stickers on a DJ-laptop - StickerApp
  • Well obviously, to finally get that true pop of neon on your sticker
  • Using Pink Ink on a bottle label will make a bright impression at your next party
  • Neon pink laptop or water bottle stickers are just straight up sick
  • You can make your logo super bright and memorable
  • It brings big ‘GLOW-UP’ energy

Pink UV Ink sticker on a bottle - StickerApp

Use UV stickers on your skateboard - StickerApp

Use Pink Ink on your favorite StickerApp materials

You got that right. Want a Holographic sticker with flat neon pink details? No problem. We can print neon pink on any of our materials so your creations can seriously reach new heights. 

You can even print neon pink details WITH a holographic effect, you might need to whip out your stunna shades for this one. 

Make your sticker pop with flat colors

The Pink Ink is gonna lose a bit of its ‘pop’ when printed on materials like holographic or glitter, so we recommend using it as a flat color on your designs, or just using it on parts of your special material sticker so you still get the most of that shocking neon color AND the effect from your material.


Neon pink ink design samples

Cat sticker with Pink UV ink - StickerAppNeon pink ink on holographic stickers by @ajnazzaro

Not right now mom - Pink UV Sticker - StickerAppNeon pink ink on glitter stickers by @ghoulshack

The Pink UV devil - StickerAppNeon pink ink on vinyl stickers by @onnieolearytattoo

Sticker creature with wings in neon pink inkNeon pink ink on vinyl stickers by @parkpon

You’re totally inspired now aren’t ya? Order your design on any material and just leave a comment with your order, indicating which parts you want with the flat neon pink color. We’ll take care of the rest.