How can I make a white layer for non white stickers?

A white layer is where white will be printed on your sticker behind your design on special materials such as transparent, mirror, or brushed alloy.

To make colors opaque, we need to print this white behind the colors, however for brushed alloy or mirror if there is a white layer behind the colors they will be solid and not reflective.

To make this white layer in Adobe Illustrator, you can select what you want white and fill it with a swatch color named “HPI-White” with CMYK values 25, 25, 25, 25 and save it as a Spot Color.

You must also make these parts marked with “Overprint fill” in the Attributes tab.

You can save this in your CMYK PDF and upload the file.
We suggest to make a note about your spot color so we can make sure it is correct before we print it.

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