How do I make a true black?

There are different shades of black, such as: regular black, carbon black, midnight black, charcoal gray, black blue and rich black. You can choose which shade of black you want on the sticker because it makes a big difference to the design and also to the effect if you have chosen it. Whatever shade of black you choose for your sticker, it is important to think about how it will look in relation to other colors and backgrounds. 

At Stickerapp, we print stickers in CMYK which stands for cyan, magenta, yellow and black. By using a combination of these four colors, you can get a variety of colors on your stickers, including a rich shade of black. But if you want a true black color that gives your sticker that extra weight, we can do that too!

Step by step for rich blackness on the sticker

1. Choose the cut
Start by choosing the cut of the sticker. Should they be contoured or round? There are several options to choose from.

2. Choose the size and quantity
Now it's time to choose the size and quantity of your stickers. StickerApp offers a variety of sizes and quantities to suit your needs. Consider how you plan to use your stickers when choosing the size and quantity.

3. Choose the material
There are several different materials to choose from. If you click on the arrow next to special materials, the materials will appear. Think about what your stickers will be used for and choose the most suitable material.

4. Upload the design to the StickerApp
Once you have created your design in your chosen program, you can upload it to the StickerApp website. You can do this by clicking on "Upload image" (important to know the file formats that support CMYK before ordering).

5. Adding masked effect layers
The next step allows you to add masked effect layers only when selecting these materials: holographic, transparent, glitter, prismatic, brushed aluminum and mirror vinyl. This is done by uploading a file or writing instructions for your sticker's effect.

6. Choose your laminate
Choose which laminate you want on your stickers, matte or glossy sticker. Laminate protects the stickers from scratches and UV rays to ensure they last longer.

7. Write a message
In the message box you can write "Double black". If you have other requests or want to add something, like a window sticker etc. you can write it in the message box.

8. Change size, number of stickers, cut or material
If you want to undo or change the size or number of stickers, you don't have to go back, you can do it on the same page. The same applies to cutting and materials.

9. Text on the sticker
If you want text on the sticker, you can both write and choose the color of the text style. Then you can choose where it should be placed by clicking on the text and dragging it.

10. Choose a design
If you want to make your sticker even more unique and personalized, you can choose from different designs. You can select a category that suits your design, and then choose a motif that fits best.

11. Check the design and order
Before finalizing your order, make sure to check your design carefully for any typos or other mistakes. Once you are satisfied with the design, you can finalize your order by clicking "Add to cart" and then following the instructions to complete your order.

We recommend using CMYK values of 40,40,40,100 for rich black.

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