How to order custom sticker packs

We can make you custom sticker packs now of your very own stickers with a custom header card! We will assit you in setting up your sticker pack order but below you will find the steps and prices to get started. 

How to get started

1. Decide what stickers you want in your packs. This includes what size, shape and material.

2. Decide how many packs you want to order. Our pricing for packs is based off on how many total packs you are looking to order, as well as the amount of stickers per pack.

3. Decide if you would like a custom header card to make your pack complete. If so, download the template here and design your header card.

4. Email us your sticker files, completed header card template and specifics for your pack and we will help set up your order.



The price for the custom packs includes the packing of your stickers into individual bags and adding the optional header card. The prices displayed below are your options for ordering packs, both with and without the header card. This price is added on top of the total price for the original stickers the pack will contain

Please note that the prices below are for up to 5 stickers per pack, for packs with more than 5 stickers, please contact us for an accurate quote. 

Prices for the pack fee (up to 5 stickers per pack): 


Examples of total pack price with White Vinyl vs. Holographic Stickers:


Ready to order?

To begin your custom sticker packs send us an email at

Download header template here  

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