What is your most popular custom sticker material?

Our most popular material for stickers is regular white glossy vinyl.

This material performs very well in print and is also the material that offers the best price and lowest minimum order. Our glossy vinyl is also weather resistant for 2-4 years and is equally suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Different materials for stickers & labels

There are lots of materials to choose from when making your own personalized sticker. All of them have their advantages, such as a glow-in-the-dark sticker that can light up the ceiling in the children's room or show the way out at night. We also offer lovely glittery materials and holographic stickers that create a truly unique design for your sticker. If you're looking for wall stickers to put up in your kitchen, bathroom or office walls to display your logo, you've come to the right place. Create stylish stickers with your branding today. If you want to put your name or company on, for example, the bottle of home-brewed beer, or the snuff box, or if you need to label many things, we have labels on roll with white and transparent backgrounds.

In which materials can you get your stickers?

What should you use stickers for? Whether it's for a children's party, as a business card or just because you want to make a nice sticker, you'll find what you're looking for! Explore all our sticker materials here.

We would also like to recommend our prismatic stickers or why not paper stickers made from recycled paper. Very nice and different stickers that are perfect for labeling boxes, glass jars and cabinets in the rustic home. But keep in mind that paper and wetness don't go well together, so keep them dry!


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