Do you offer transparent stickers?

Yes, we do offer transparent materials for your self-designed stickers! 

StickerApp offers a transparent material when you choose to create your own sticker. You can choose this under Special Materials when placing your order. All colors can be printed on transparent vinyl, including white. You can choose between matte or glossy laminate. The effects can be really cool and stylish! Let your imagination run wild and create your own transparent sticker. If you want specific parts of your sticker to be transparent, you can leave those parts transparent in the image file you upload with your design, or leave a comment about how you want it in your order and we will help you with that (below are instructions on how to place an order). The stickers are PET-PET laminate, which protects against both weather and sun. You can find more information about our transparent vinyl stickers.

Transparent hundklistermärke med utploppande ögon

Make and print transparent custom stickers



Transparent fluga i klistermärke

Stickers with semi-transparency create a cool effect

Striking transparent stickers

The space adventure starts here! With our transparent stickers, you can create your own stickers that look like they are floating in space. Imagine astronauts and spacecraft floating around in space at night on your window. How cool is that? If you want to make an eye-catching sticker, we recommend checking out our transparent materials. The possibilities to play with colors and the transparent background of the sticker are almost endless. Unleash your creativity and create something unique with our transparent stickers!

Transparent labels & decals

You also have the option to create your own labels with a transparent background that can be used on everything from food packaging, kitchen drawers or the jar of your own honey, salsa and ketchup. You can also print transparent stickers with your own logo and text or labels with your company's contact details that make excellent giveaways at lectures, mingles or fairs.

You can choose this option under "special materials" when placing your order of custom stickers.

All colors print on our transparent material including white, however, we do not offer metallic printing. You can read more about our transparent sticker material here.

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