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Brushed Aluminum Stickers

A brushed metal sticker material to give your custom stickers a shiny, metallic effect. Laminated for outdoor use to last in the sun or rain.


Print metallic stickers

Print white on this silver brushed aluminum or turn your yellows into gold for a gold foil look. Choose which colors you want metallic or to have white printed behind parts of your design to keep colors opaque.


  • Full-color print + white
  • Premium brushed metalized PP film with a permanent adhesive
  • Yellow colors make the sticker shine like gold
  • make stickers metallic
  • Possibility of solid colors, even white
  • PET laminate with a UV screening to protect from weather and sunlight
  • 2-4 years outdoor life
  • PVC free product


How to make metallic stickers


Make rose gold metallic stickers

Rose gold metallic
C: 0
M: 40
Y: 60
K: 0

Make gold metallic stickers

Gold metallic
C: 0
M: 20
Y: 100
K: 0

Make bronze metallic stickers

Bronze metallic
C: 0
M: 50
Y: 100
K: 30

Make silver metallic stickers

Silver metallic
C: 0
M: 0
Y: 0

Unveiling: Brushed Aluminum Stickers

Experience the brilliance of brushed metal stickers, designed to infuse your custom creations with a captivating metallic allure. Crafted for the outdoors, these stickers boast a laminated shield, ensuring their resilience under the scorching sun or gentle raindrops.

Illuminate Your Designs

Unleash your creativity with metallic stickers that gleam and shimmer. Picture printing in white on the silver brushed aluminum canvas, or magically transmuting your yellows into the rich splendor of gold, crafting a mesmerizing gold foil effect. The power is yours – choose the hues to be adorned with the magic of metallic or cloaked with the elegance of white, enhancing your design's opacity.

A Symphony of Features

  • Full-color vibrancy: Dance alongside the elegance of white.
  • Premium brushed metalized PP film: Exuding luxury with every glance, adhered with a steadfast permanence.
  • Transformative magic: Watch as yellow shades metamorphose into golden luminosity, making your sticker a beacon of opulence.
  • Possibilities abound: Dive into a realm where even the pureness of white stands resolute among solid colors.
  • Protected perfection: Wrapped in a PET laminate adorned with UV screening, guarding your creation against the whims of weather and the relentless sun.
  • Enduring quality: With 2-4 years of outdoor life, your creation defies the elements with grace.
  • Eco-conscious choice: Embrace the PVC-free marvel that aligns artistry with responsibility.

Unleash the potential of your designs with Brushed Aluminum Stickers, where each peel-and-stick moment becomes an artistic crescendo.