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True black tones for your stickers

Our stickers are printed using the CMYK color model, which blends Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Key (Black) to produce a wide range of colors, including the deepest blacks. To achieve a profoundly dense black—often referred to as 'rich black'—we can tailor the color to give your design weight and gravitas.

Creating stickers with true Black: A Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Select the Sticker Cut: Decide on the outline. Do you prefer a contour cut or a classic round? StickerApp offers multiple shapes to match your vision.
  2. Size and Quantity: Determine the dimensions and number of stickers you require. Consider their application when selecting the size and quantity to best meet your needs.
  3. Material Selection: Browse through a range of materials. By clicking on the arrow beside 'special materials,' you'll reveal all available options. Choose based on the intended use of your stickers.
  4. Design Upload: Upload your design directly to StickerApp’s website by selecting "Upload image". (Note: Ensure your file format supports CMYK to enable accurate color printing.)
  5. Add Effects: Apply special effects (e.g., holographic or glitter) by uploading a separate layer file or providing instructions for your desired sticker effects.
  6. Laminate Preference: Choose a laminate finish—matte or glossy. This layer adds scratch resistance and UV protection, extending the life of your stickers.
  7. Special Instructions: Utilize the message box to request "Double black" for a richer tone or any other specific details, such as window stickers.
  8. Adjustments: You can easily modify the size, quantity, cut, or material without backtracking, all from the same page.
  9. Text Customization: Add text to your sticker, select a color, and style, and drag it to your desired location on the design.
  10. Design Selection: For additional personalization, choose from a variety of design motifs that align with your sticker’s theme.
  11. Final Review and Order: Review your design for accuracy. We advise using a CMYK mix of 40,40,40,100 to achieve a rich black. Once satisfied, add your creation to the cart and proceed with checkout.

By following these guidelines, you'll ensure your stickers not only look professional but also capture the exact tone of black you envision.