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How to print custom stickers?

Can't find what you're looking for on ready-made stickers or maybe want to design your own stickers, product labels, decals, or even a company logo? The usages for stickers are endless, all you have to do is let your imagination run wild!

With custom stickers, instead of expressing yourself with words, you can express yourself or share your brand in a personal and unique way. And the best part is - it's never been easier to create your own stickers!

Here's how to get started!


  1. Choose your cutline
    Start by choosing the cutline around your sticker. Do you want a contoured cut sticker or a round sticker? Whatever you have in mind, there are several options to choose from. Don't see the option you want? Leave us a comment in the editor for us to adjust your sticker's cutline.

  2. Choose your size and quantity
    StickerApp offers a variety of sizes and quantities to suit your needs. Consider how you plan on using your stickers when choosing the size and quantity. Our most popular sticker size is around 3-4 inches, for reference a 4x3” sticker is the max size that will fit on an iPhone Pro Max 14.

  3. Select a material
    Choose from several materials and have your sticker stand out from the rest! Click on the arrow next to special materials to select a material. Consider what your stickers will be used for and choose the most suitable material. The sticker material will show as an effect on any transparent part of your design or based on your effect mask layer (more on this in step #5). 

  4. Upload your design to StickerApp
    Once you have created your design on the program of your choice (i.e photoshop, canva), you can upload it to our editor by clicking "Upload image" or dragging it directly onto the website (important to know the file formats that support CMYK before ordering).

  5. Add your effect mask layers
    In the next step, you have the option to add masked effect layers only when selecting these materials: holographic, transparent, glitter, prismatic, brushed aluminum, and mirror vinyl. This is done by uploading a file or writing these instructions in the comments section. Don't have an effect mask layer? Just leave us a comment in the editor with instructions on where to apply the effect (note: if you leave us a comment, the editor will not show a preview of your directions). 

  6. Choose your laminate
    Choose which laminate you want on your stickers; matte or glossy. The glossy laminate protects the stickers from scratches and UV rays to ensure they last longer. 

  7. Leave a comment
    If you have any special requests or want to add something, such as a rich black color to your sticker, or want to make this a window sticker, etc. you can write it in the comment box.
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  8. Adjust the size, quantity, cut, or material
    If you want to undo or change the size or number of stickers, you don't have to go back, you can do it right on the editor. The same applies to cutlines and materials. 

  9. Add text to your stickers
    If you want text on the sticker, you can type it in and choose the color and text style right on the editor. Then drag and adjust however you'd like. 

  10. Choose a clipart
    If you want to spice up your sticker and make it more unique and personal, you can choose from our different cliparts. Select a category that suits your design, and then choose a clipart that fits best.

  11. Double check your stickers and order!
    Before finalizing your order, be sure to check your design carefully for any typos or other mistakes. One common mistake is with sticker sizes. Make sure you have not chosen a sticker that is too small or too big for your taste. Once the order is placed, we cannot make any changes. Finalize your order by clicking "Add to cart" and then following the playment instructions to complete your order. You will receive a confirmation email and we'll notify you where your stickers are along the process! 

DONE - Is easy!