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Which parts will have the material effect?

For our special materials, we have endless possibilities on how your stickers can turn out. Here are some ways to help make sure your stickers come out as imagined.



You can include a comment on the order and explain which colors or parts of the sticker should take on the effect. The more clear and simple the comment is, the better chance we will understand it and be able to make the final product as you envision. If the instructions are not clear enough or the selection is too complex for us, we will get in contact via email and can take it from there. 


You can upload your art with transparency for where you would like your material effect to show through. If you have parts that are completely transparent then it will be the pure material effect, for example, holographic. You can also have colors or other parts to have a lower opacity and we can fix your printing file to include those parts to come out as colored holographic (or respective material). It is always helpful to include a comment if you have specific directions, otherwise, we will fix the order as we see fit with your transparency.


You can include a mask layer in your file or email us a mask layer. A mask layer is sometimes necessary for a very complex file with very specific parts to take on the effect. We can make the print files as complex as you want, as long as you can provide us with the mask layer. We suggest a PSD, AI, TIFF, or PDF with layers. You can also save the mask as any other file without layers and we can layer it on top of your art to make the print file.

Leave a comment:

If you include clear comments, transparency, or a mask layer, we will be able to take that info and get your stickers into production without having to send a final proof, this gets your stickers to you the fastest possible. If you would like to see a final proof, please include that in your comment and we will email you a proof. Please note, we make the printing files manually so we can show you which parts will take on the material effect with a flat grey color. 


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