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Make stickers without the white border?

No problem just follow our guide

Feel free to explore these options to achieve the perfect borderless stickers for your creative projects.


Yes, it is indeed possible to create stickers without a white border. StickerApp provides you with the flexibility to achieve a borderless look in three different ways:

  • Choose a Background Color: Opt for a background color that complements your design. This way, the color extends to the edges, eliminating the need for a white border.
  • Stretch Your Artwork: Enlarge your artwork slightly to reach the edges of the sticker. This stretching creates a seamless appearance without the presence of a white border.
  • Include Your Own Cutline: If you have a specific vision for the cut of your stickers, you can incorporate your own cutline directly into the artwork. This allows for precise customization according to your preferences.

Furthermore, to ensure accurate cutting and account for any slight variations, it's recommended to include a 0.075" bleed for the cutline. This additional margin acts as a safety zone, preventing any unintended white edges and accommodating potential variations during the cutting process.


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