Marketer of the Year, goes to:

For those of you who have followed us and our community over the years, we have some fun news to share. We are also very proud to call ourselves good friends with this unique artist.

Award winning Pappas Pärlor on a big screen.


Award winning Pappas Pärlor

We are thrilled that our friend and collaborator, Johan Karlgren – aka – Pappas Pärlor, was awarded ”marketer of the year” by his hometown of Motala, Sweden. We have worked with Johan for a bunch of years and are forever surprised by the never-ending depth of his skills which comes back to surprise us with ingenious designs, again and again.

Johan is a highly creative fella with his heart in the right place, making amazing art using beads on plates. 

and the winner is Pappas pärlor.

Congratulations, Johan!

Dude playing guitar with wall stickers Beatles.

Johan playing with his band made from big stickers, mounted on wooden cutouts.

We usually help him out when he needs to go BIG, supplying him with MEGA STICKERS. Like this wall sticker of his interpretation of Magritte’s classical art piece, The Son of Man. 

He’s gathered a big following on Instagram @pappasparlor and never ceases to surprise and amaze his audience. We’re such a fan, we even made a visit to his studio and spent a day with him. Take a look below :)

Pappas pärlor in front of huge wall sticker.

Pappas Pärlor below his interpretation huge sticker of Magritte's "The Son of Man".

Large wall sticker on a big house.

This is a Big wall sticker!

Congratulations, Johan! The award couldn’t have gone to a more deserving dude – we adore you!