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Meet The Mischievous StickerCat - the ultimate feline enthusiast when it comes to stickers! With an insatiable passion for all types of stickers, StickerCat can't get enough of the variety of materials available from matte to glossy, holographic to metallic, StickerCat loves them all!



StickerCat in a hard helmet

But it's not just the materials that StickerCat is crazy about. The add-ons are also a must-see for StickerCat. With options like neon pink, UV-light reacting sticker, cut-out shapes, and even cracked ice, StickerCat's creativity knows no bounds.

And when it comes to using those stickers, StickerCat has a knack for finding the perfect spot for evenyone of the stickers. Whether it's adding some flair to a water bottle, put it on a car or window or decorating a laptop, StickerCat knows how to make those stickers shine.

StickerCat is more than just a sticker enthusiast, though. With a keen eye for design, StickerCat knows what looks good and how to make it happen. Whether you're looking for a custom design or need help bringing your ideas to life, StickerCat is here to help. StickerCat will help you with the design if you put a comment when you place an order.




And if you're worried about the quality of your stickers, don't be! StickerCat has tried and tested countless stickers from all over the world, but StickerApp and StickerCat are now one, and can attest to their durability and high quality. These stickers can survive just about anything, from rain and snow to everyday wear and tear.

So whether you're a fellow sticker lover or just looking for a way to add some personality to your belongings, StickerCat and StickerApp have got you covered. With endless possibilities and top-notch quality, you can trust StickerCat to help bring your sticker dreams to life.

So what are you waiting for? Let StickerCat guide you on your sticker journey and start creating your own custom stickers today!




Sticker story time!

Once upon a time, there was a cute little cat who went by the name of StickerCat and lived at stickerapp.com. StickerCat was known for their love of stickers of all shapes and colors. They spent most of their days rolling around in stacks of stickers, admiring their glossy laminate finish and dreaming up new ways to prank their friends.


StickerCat was always up to something mischievous, and their friends never knew what to expect when they were around. One day, they snuck up behind their friend, Purrfect, and stuck a sticker on their tail. Purrfect jumped in surprise and then burst out laughing when they saw the silly sticker.


Despite their playful nature, StickerCat had one weakness: cucumbers. They simply couldn't stand the taste or smell of them. Their friends often teased them by hiding cucumbers in their favorite sticker piles, but StickerCat always managed to sniff them out before it was too late.

StickerCat Streching.

One day, StickerCat had an idea for the ultimate prank. They carefully peeled off the backing of a large, round sticker and stuck it onto the floor. Then, they sat back and waited for their friend, Fuzzball, to come strolling by. As soon as Fuzzball stepped onto the sticker, it curled up, sending them tumbling onto their back.

StickerCat giggled as Fuzzball scrambled to their feet, looking bewildered. "StickerCat, that was hilarious!" they said, grinning. StickerCat beamed with pride. They loved making their friends laugh, and stickers were always at the heart of their pranks. As they curled up in a pile of stickers, they couldn't help but think that life was pretty perfect for a mischievous StickerCat like themselves.



StickerCat looking good