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Stick the landing with our radically durable custom skateboard stickers. Choose the size, shape, quantity, material, and upload your own unique design to create your custom skateboard sticker.

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2-4 year outdoor life

Deck out your deck

Our custom made skateboard stickers are weatherproof, scratchproof and foolproof.

New to decking out your board? Skateboard stickers are usually placed on the underside of your skateboard's top deck to make your board uniquely yours. Whether you want your skateboard to have a certain aesthetic or if you just want to plaster some sick sticks to make your board a little funkier, the choice is up to you. 

These little dudes have a scratch-proof, PET-laminate film that is built to last through all the grinding, kickflipping, and rail sliding. Not to mention, they can withstand the elements and any *potential* wipeouts for up to four years.


  • All kinds of weatherproof
  • Great way to personalize your board
  • Easy to put on and peel off
  • Any shape, size or color
  • Holds tight through all the tricks and grinding


Stickers for all the boards

Skateboards, Snowboards, Surfboards, our vinyl scratch proof stickers can be slapped on all of your sports equipment. Just make sure the surface is clean and dry when you’re applying the stickers and you’re good to go.

Stick ‘em on your helmet, on your skis, on your racks, and on your knee (pads). Why not personalize all of your favorite equipment with super durable custom stickers. 



Sticker Making 101

First time here? Check out our crash course in sticker making to get the hang of how it’s done. You’ll be making them like a champ in no time.

Animation: @jaspervangestel
Sound design: @nagtoekomst

All these sticker words seem like a load of mumbo-jumbo? Head on over to our Sticker Jargon page to learn all you need to know.

Some important Skateboard Stickers Aesthetic

Laptop Stickers Aesthetic details

Preferred material
Vinyl or hi-tack adhesive stickers

Favored size
3” x 3” (Circle)
4” x 4” (Square)

Can we put in our two cents’? Feel free to choose from all our vinyl materials, but if you’re looking for second to none durability, we suggest you stick with the preset material or heavy duty.


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Stickers for all the boards


Deck out your deck

Custom skate stickers