Die-Cut Stickers

The mother of all stickers. These individually cut fellas are our most popular product and it’s not hard to get why – die-cut stickers are second to none when it comes to showing off your artwork.

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What’s the deal?

It’s all about the cutline, folks. Die-cut stickers are cut exactly to the shape of your design, and can come in just about any size or material you like. If this doesn’t enable total freedom when making your stickers, we don’t know what will.

These stickers, unlike kiss-cut stickers, are cut through both the vinyl and the backing which means that your sticker won’t compete with any surrounding material. The cutline can be super intricate and we’ll make it work.

And how about material? Get them in  brushed aluminium, holographic or kraft paper. Or any of our other materials* – there’s no need to hold back. Oh, and if you stick with vinyl, you also get to choose between a glossy or matte coating. Neat, huh?

No limit as to size either. Almost. You can go as small as 1” x 1” and as big as 48” x 48” (big, we know). 

If your sticker meets the requirements, crack back is available for easier back paper removal. Oh, and speaking of back paper, if you choose vinyl for your sticker front, printing a design on the back paper is possible.

Almost all of our materials are scratch- and weatherproof, meaning that they’ll look good year after year no matter where you stick them. Another  perk? No icky residue left behind when you remove the sticker. But just to be on the safe side, steer clear of Heavy Duty – a material built for the most extreme conditions, that may leave a smidge or two behind (nothing that can’t be removed with a solvent though).


*Epoxy unfortunately doesn’t work because of its polyurethane resin dome.

Looking for some inspiration?

Check out some of the fine-looking work below, all made by you folks. A whole array of different shapes, sizes and materials that just goes to show that our die-cut stickers are just as customizable as we make them out to be.