The peelback challenge awaits for you. Don’t just make stickers…create, compete, and complete

Badge Seekers Unite!

Whether you're a newbie or a pro, this badge challenge is made for everyone! See if you can collect all 9 sticker challenge badges. Special rewards await for those who compete and complete!

Here’s The Deal

To qualify, create at least 2 sticker designs in 2024 and stay subscribed to our emails to receive your Peelback summary and rewards. You have until December 31st, 2024, midnight EST!

Collect ‘em all

Up for the challenge? Sign up below to enter the challenge and check your current progress. Use the email you use when you order stickers- we will connect your progress to this email.

2024 Achievements

In 2024 we’ve set 9 possible achievements and badges to unlock. The more unique features you use, the more badges you collect! Read about each achievement and its badge below.

Sticker Apprentice

You created and printed stickers with us at least twice in 2024.


You left a comment in the editor in at least 1 of your orders in 2024.


You printed at least one order of stickers in a special material in 2024.


You printed a sticker in a metallic material: Holo, Glitter, Mirror, Prismatic, Brushed aluminum.

Early Adopter

You tried something new we launched in 2024.

Sticker Smith

You included a sticker add-on or created a Custom Sticker pack in 2024.

Material Master

You created stickers in 3 or more different materials.


You were a loyal newsletter subscriber in 2024!

Secret Loading…

You completed all achievements we set for 2024. A surprise prize awaits for those who snag this badge…