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Branding made easy, advertise your business or customize your products with custom logo stickers.

Logo Sticker

Branding has become such a vital part of our world, whether it be your products, packaging or social media posts, it is all about your brand being seen. Your logo is, in essence, your brand, therefore, you want your logo to be seen as much as possible. Printing your logo on stickers is one of the easiest and quickest ways to make that possible.

StickerApp offers some of the lowest minimums on high quality stickers, making our logo stickers a long lasting affordable solution. Printing your logo on stickers solves many branding problems with little investment. It allows you to add your logo to packaging or everyday products to make your own. It has never been easier to have custom packaging!

With the wide variety of materials StickerApp offers, you can take your simple logo and print it on one of our special materials to make it really stand out. Take your black and white logo and print it on our holographic material and prepare to be amazed. Our website will also automatically create a custom cutline, contouring around your logo to make your logo stickers unique and eye catching.

Walk into any cafe and see laptops covered in stickers of logos and brands, so why not join in on the fun. Logo stickers are the perfect way to allow your fans to show their support and spread the word about your business. With StickerApp’s customization tools, variety of materials, and low minimums, there really is no better option for printing your logo.

You can use any of our materials and choose your own custom size, but here is what we recommend.

Normal size:
3″ x 3″ (Square).
4″ x 4″ (Circle)

Preferred Material:
White Vinyl, Clear Vinyl or Kraft Paper.

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